Monday, 8 January 2018

Golf Mark 7.5 1.0 TSi Upgrade : Multi Function Steering Wheel

Upgrading Golf 7.5 Trendline with GTI Steering MFSW

Customer bought the newest Golf 7.5 1.0 TSi . A very basic car with the barest of equipment including a steering wheel with a horn button. There is a board computer which is controlled via the right side stalk for the wiper.

It is a Tornado Red Golf 7.5 which have a 3 cylinder 998 cc engine. Engine compartment look strange with the missing cylinder IMHO. Customer have obtained a fuel consumption figure of 20 km/litre. He upgraded the puny 205/50/R16 wheels to OZ Ultraleggera with 225/40R18. He is happy with the fuel consumption but claim that his friend obtained 25km/litre with the original set up. OMG ! 25 km/litre ? My Golf gave me at best 21km/litre on feather lite gas pedalling. 

Nevertheless, he wanted to upgrade his very plain steering to the GTI steering with RED thread. Very matching for his red Golf I have to agree. 

Gorgeous Red Golf 7.5 1.0 TSi  with the new headlights and DRL LED
Pity it did not come with the foggies. 

The new tail lights with LED but without the dynamic signal design

We managed to upgrade his steering to the GTI multi function type with cruise control and managed to upgrade his cluster from a simple board computer display to the multi function features. He can now see his radio/media details, phone data, car data, board computer data etc. The job took many hours due to the relative new car data available. 

GTI Steering with paddles, cruise control, audio/media control, phone and multi function control

Cluster upgraded with the Multi Function Display features controlled via new steering. 

End of the day, the customer was totally astonished by what he had obtain by a simple steering wheel change. We also deleted his Start/Stop feature which was pissing him off from the first day he got his car. 

Next project he have in mind....upgrade to Gesture Control 9.5" Discovery Pro2 with App Connect and Dynaudio ! Planning planning planning if his CFO approves it. 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Lane Assist R242 A5 Camera Calibration

Calibrating the Lane Assist Camera A5 R242 

The Lane Assist Camera requires calibration to the car installed.  We use a laser X-Y tool to precisely position the calibration board VAS6430 

Using a X-Y Laser to position the VAS6430 board correctly to the car

Calibration in progress using ODIS Service

After successful calibration. 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Changing TPMS Parameter

Changing Tire Pressure Monitoring System Parameter 

We changed the tire pressure monitoring system parameter firmware to adapt to the type of tires fitted on the vehicle. This is done by uploading a new parameter file into the #65 Tire Pressure module. 

Original Setting for Normal Load is 36 PSI Front and Rear

Original Load Setting Full Load is 39/46 PSI 

After uploading the parameter file, we changed the features on the MFD Cluster and Tire Load Limit display

Option to select Load and Tyre Type 

 We input only 17" and 18" tires option for the Passat B7

Followed the original 32 psi setting for Normal Load

Input the Full Load parameter as 36/41 psi

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Passat B8 : Retrofitting Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control

October 2017 : Passat B8 Retrofit Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control 

The Passat B8 in Singapore is rather plain.  Given there is a R-Line version which looks pretty good but it lacks many features. Only the Exclusive 2.0 Passat B8 tend to be very well spec from factory. Unfortunately, there is hardly any Driver Assist features except Fatigue Alert and AFS Light. 

In Malaysia, the Passat B8 2.0 have the good fortune of having the Lane Assist fitted as standard. Unfortunately they omitted the Adaptive Cruise Control ACC.  A fellow Malaysian B8 owner asked why his Passat only show the parallel lines when he is in Drive Assist display. He was disappointed when I advised that the "car" icon display would only appear if ACC is fitted.

A local 2.0 Exclusive joined the Driver Assistance Pack Club recently.....

Removing the original windscreen under Kelvin's expert hands

Windscreen removed and surface prepared for the new screen

Amazing...the original screen was removed without any damages.
Anyone need a new windscreen ( used ) ?

New screen prepared for installation

Lane Assist Windscreen. 
Original harness need some extension to fit properly

New camera mounting housing 
Tell me the difference between the two emblems.

New ACC Sensor Protective Emblem

Instead of changing a new steering, the cheaper option is to change the buttons.

Believe me, removing this babe is not easy task. High risk in breakage if not careful. 

Finally, coding online for the new controllers....the system is working perfectly.

Picture taken by co-driver...the new set up of ACC and Front Assist/Lane Assist

No, the system is not cheap considering that a new windscreen needs to be used if the Lane Assist option is to be taken. 

And what the customer say at the end

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Lowering Springs ; Aftermarket or Originals

Fitting Lowering Springs on the Golf 7 VII  : 25 Oct 2017

The Golf 7 is sitting rather high for a reason. Lots of travel and comfort comes with long tall springs but looks suffer and so does handling to a certain degree. 

I ventured into the world of lowering springs to achieve a better look and improved handling without too much compromise in the comfort department. 

What should I use ? There are numerous suppliers and vendors out there chanting that theirs is the best in handling, comfort and looks.  Notice that they usually have one or two part numbers to fit a variety of models. So much so, I think it would be a better bet to go along with Volkswagen engineering department which have spent extended effort to determine the best setup possible for their cars. The part numbers recommendation are confusing and there are too many part numbers to select from. 

Choosing the wrong set up or part number, you would end up with issues such as difficult handling, wrong stances, too low, too hight etc. This is an example of the complex setup

Actually, there is only one number applicable to a specific vehicle and this is tied to the vehicle's front and rear axle weight. So after a tedious study and research, I ordered a set of VW lowering springs.
I chose 5G4 071 677 B = MUB 071 675 + MUB 071 676 C = 930/890

Alot of springs  
Springs are from Mubea

Drastic Drop ! Front Springs

Rear Springs....also substantial

The shop fitted the springs in about 2 hours flat ! Pretty fast and skilled technicians from Godspeed ! 

Springs are so short, they did not have to compress them to fit the fronts 

Rear Springs fitted

Front springs fitted

Stock Golf 1.4 TSi back in 2016

Golf 7 Retro in Oct 2017

Rear View : 17" Singapore alloy 

Rear View in Oct 2017 : 19" Santiago Alloys

Add caption

Conclusion : The ride have definitely improved. Firmer but yet not uncomfortably firm. Coupled with the Dynamic Chassis Control in Comfort mode, the ride is just nice for a Golf 7. 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Lane Change Assist / Side Assist on Sharan 7N2

Oct 2017 : Sharan Lane Change / Side Assist Retrofit 

Retrofitting of the Lane Change Side Assist on this 2017 Sharan involves fitting the rear radar sensors and wing mirror glass plus wiring and coding. 

Removal of rear bumper and mounting the radar retaining bracket.

Radar is mounted on left and right corner of the vehicle.

New Driver Assist features

Driver Assistance 

Warning Glow of the ICON during start up and when a vehicle approaches

As seen by driver during driving

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Navigation Map Projection onto AID (Advanced Info Display)

1st Sept 2017 : Map Projection onto Active Info Display Cluster  Golf 7

The journey never ends....always something to play with the lovely Golf VII 1.4 TSi. My epic journey is described here

Having completed the Discovery Pro retrofit on the Golf 7, went on to retrofit the AID Cluster early this year. 

The AID Cluster is the best retrofit that I have done so far and it is not only functional but an eye-candy for me each time I am in the Golf ! Really really enjoy this AID Cluster. 

Problem is the Navigation display on the AID. Was not able to activate this feature even though I have all the necessary hardware and fibre optic cables installed.  Problem is the Discovery Pro firmware and EPROM is too old to support this.  We needed an update/upgrade to get it done. 

Fibre Optic Cables

For almost a month, the control module of the Discovery Pro have been sent back to Germany and driving the car is totally silent. No entertainment at all apart from talking to the wife. 

Finally, the control module came back. With several coding and adaptation, we got the map projected onto the AID.  This was done with some help from Germany online. 

Updating the control module requires a new EPROM to be inserted that will support the feature. They also flash it with the latest firmware. Now my display is in Blue, my favourite colour ! 

Now...driving the Golf VII is even more enjoyable as we can now see the navigation map and SD media title icon on the AID. Radio icon seems to be an issue though even though it is displayed on the display screen. 

One word ! SHIOK ! 

Map projection on the AID

Map view can be expanded at the expense of the smaller dials.
Not my preferred view as the small dials does not please my eyes.

Media music icon also can be displayed.
However, Radio station icons programmed for the DP cannot seem to work

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

New Sharan Dynaudio Retrofit

Retrofitting the New Sharan Dynaudio 

A customer just received his new 2017 Sharan and need an upgrade to the sound system on his vehicle. The original Made In China speakers are of decent quality but somehow, it just isn't quite there. 

To enhance the driving and listening pleasure an upgrade to the original Dynaudio sound system is needed and will make all the difference. 

The Dynaudio start up on the MIB2 Composition Media HU

The Dynaudio Insignia 

The VW Dynaudio amplifier located under the passenger seat

Selecting the sound positioning under Individual or Profile Mode