Thursday, 12 October 2017

Lane Change Assist / Side Assist on Sharan 7N2

Oct 2017 : Sharan Lane Change / Side Assist Retrofit 

Retrofitting of the Lane Change Side Assist on this 2017 Sharan involves fitting the rear radar sensors and wing mirror glass plus wiring and coding. 

Removal of rear bumper and mounting the radar retaining bracket.

Radar is mounted on left and right corner of the vehicle.

New Driver Assist features

Driver Assistance 

Warning Glow of the ICON during start up and when a vehicle approaches

As seen by driver during driving

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Navigation Map Projection onto AID (Advanced Info Display)

1st Sept 2017 : Map Projection onto Active Info Display Cluster  Golf 7

The journey never ends....always something to play with the lovely Golf VII 1.4 TSi. My epic journey is described here

Having completed the Discovery Pro retrofit on the Golf 7, went on to retrofit the AID Cluster early this year. 

The AID Cluster is the best retrofit that I have done so far and it is not only functional but an eye-candy for me each time I am in the Golf ! Really really enjoy this AID Cluster. 

Problem is the Navigation display on the AID. Was not able to activate this feature even though I have all the necessary hardware and fibre optic cables installed.  Problem is the Discovery Pro firmware and EPROM is too old to support this.  We needed an update/upgrade to get it done. 

Fibre Optic Cables

For almost a month, the control module of the Discovery Pro have been sent back to Germany and driving the car is totally silent. No entertainment at all apart from talking to the wife. 

Finally, the control module came back. With several coding and adaptation, we got the map projected onto the AID.  This was done with some help from Germany online. 

Updating the control module requires a new EPROM to be inserted that will support the feature. They also flash it with the latest firmware. Now my display is in Blue, my favourite colour ! 

Now...driving the Golf VII is even more enjoyable as we can now see the navigation map and SD media title icon on the AID. Radio icon seems to be an issue though even though it is displayed on the display screen. 

One word ! SHIOK ! 

Map projection on the AID

Map view can be expanded at the expense of the smaller dials.
Not my preferred view as the small dials does not please my eyes.

Media music icon also can be displayed.
However, Radio station icons programmed for the DP cannot seem to work

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

New Sharan Dynaudio Retrofit

Retrofitting the New Sharan Dynaudio 

A customer just received his new 2017 Sharan and need an upgrade to the sound system on his vehicle. The original Made In China speakers are of decent quality but somehow, it just isn't quite there. 

To enhance the driving and listening pleasure an upgrade to the original Dynaudio sound system is needed and will make all the difference. 

The Dynaudio start up on the MIB2 Composition Media HU

The Dynaudio Insignia 

The VW Dynaudio amplifier located under the passenger seat

Selecting the sound positioning under Individual or Profile Mode

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Polo Sports Select : Dynamic Chassis Control on 6C Polo

Sports Select on 6C Polo Retrofit

A customer wanted his 6C 2015 Polo to be retrofitted with the Dynamic Chassis Control after checking out what the DCC does for the other Volkswagen models. 

The DCC on the Polo is not exactly the same as the other models. There are only two selection available for selection on the fly. These are Sports or Comfort modes. There are no acceleration sensors or level sensors. The driver decides on the two modes by depressing the "Sports" on the central dashboard panel. 

There were several variants for the electronic suspension aka Sports Select aka Drive Select aka DCC. Ranging from the basic twist beam (torsion bar) version to the top of the line GTI design. The suspension parts/springs/controller are different.

We ordered all the required parts for the normal multi link suspension version. The original springs on the vehicle is maintained as such vehicle height is not affected. 

The Sports button is designated to be on the 2nd button from the right
The card slot tray may have to make way

Actual position for the control button is the 2nd button on the card slot
but owner wanted to retain the card holder is possible.
So we used the 2nd button on the left side. Not actually a perfect fit but it saved the card holder slot. 

Assembled Rear Shock Absorber with protective cap 

The connector plug needs to be replaced together with the shocks during renewal

The electrical connector is secured on the top of the shock absorber

The front shock is special and require a special plug and securing nut.
After installation completion, the DCC appears on the vehicle scan and there were no error codes. However, the control of the DCC is not possible as the Sport button does not response to triggering.  We believe that this have something to do with software programming.  Coding is done on the Gateway, Body Control Module, Instrument and ABS. Now, the car running on Comfort mode only since we are not able to trigger the Sport mode. 

Need help to find a factory installed Sports Select 6C Polo or Seat Cupra. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Dynamic Chassis Control DCC on Golf 7 MQB

DCC on Golf 7 MQB ( Dynamic Chassis Control ) - March 2017

Yes, I am an addict to the DCC on Volkswagen cars. 

Embarked on this unknown journey on the new MQB chassis Golf 7. Unknown because VW have controlled many features with component protection, online coding/activation and VSM(vehicle software management) for what I am aware of. 

Ordered all the parts from Germany including harness for the wheel arches. 

Custom made harness is required to connect the system to the vehicle. 

Remove the Rear Left trim panel

Fitted the holding bracket for the controller

Mounting controller with harness 

Rear DCC shocks installed with new wheel arches harness

New wheel arch harness leads from underneath the rear seat bench

Front DCC Shock absorber installed with new arches harness

Discarded original  wheel arch harness and excess wires cut off.

Something new is the rear Accelerator Sensor mounting. It is inside the vehicle instead of the usual rear shock absorber position. 

New as well is the front accelerator sensor. 

Control of the DCC mode is no longer via a simple push button on the central console but via the Drive Mode selection on the Head Unit. In my Golf 7, we have the Discovery Pro unit and upgraded with the Golf R drive mode features. 

The usual ECO/Comfort/Normal/Sports/Individual have been upgraded to the Golf R functions where a RACE mode now replaces the Sports mode.

The Individual mode allows driver to change the various settings whereas the rest are fixed. 

The previous display of the Comfort/Normal/Sport function on the cluster also follows the HU change. 

Must admit that this mod is not for the average Golf 7 owner. Simply too expensive and complex to do but it can be done. 

Guess I would be the only in Asia with a 1.4 TSi DCC equipped Golf 7.

The ride in Comfort mode is absolutely incredibly comfortable. Driving the Golf seems like floating on a soft magic carpet as all the unevenness/pot holes get filtered out. In Normal and Race is stunning and improves the handling of the car though my rear end does not seem to like it alot. Guess I need to adjust to the DCC on the MQB Golf 7 seems different from that on the Passat B7.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Active Information Display Retrofitted on Golf 7

Active Info Display Instrument Cluster on Golf 7

Have always been fascinated by the Active Information Display on the Passat B8 when it was first introduced in 2016. 

I got to get one of this but cannot afford to buy the new Passat Exclusive B8 2.0 ! 

When the new Golf 7.5 was shown, it have the Active Info Display cluster ! 

This is absolutely good news ! I got my hands on a set from VW Germany including the original trim cover which is a must. 

Original Analogue Cluster

Active Info Display Cluster 

Installing the new AID cluster !
Before enabling Production Mode ( 2 km odometer reading )

Complete installation after input of original odometer reading.

Change to Blue Variant : Classic Theme

Everytime, the AID greets you and say goodbye ! 

End of each journey message

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Upgrading my Knuckles !

Steering Knuckle Upgrades : Golf 7 1.4 TSi : March 2017

To enhance handling and performance, a reduction of unsprung weight would be a plus. So, we replace the heavy Cast Iron knuckle to the GTI/R styled aluminum alloy steering knuckle. The weight difference is tremendous ! 

This involves replace bigger drive shaft bearing and ball joints as well the respective nuts. 

It is an expensive exercise. Total cost is about S$1500. 

Aluminum vs Cast Iron
Weight between the two is tremendous !
New Steering Knuckle, ball joint and absorber
Mounted on the vehicle
The ball joint is of a different lenght/ replacement is necessary.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Tiguan Engine Hood Struts

Tiguan Engine Hood Struts : 18 March 2017

We fitted these aftermarket hydraulic gas struts for the Tiguan. No need to hold it up using the hood stand any more and no more obstructions to the engine anymore. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Touran Dynamic Chassis Control

Touran DCC Upgrade : 7 March 2017

This Touran customer have driven his 2012 Touran for 5 years plus and the suspension have given up. 

He tested a Tiguan with a CBX edition DCCand was sold to the idea of a comfortable ride instead of the regular or aftermarket sports/coilover kit. 

Retrofitting the Touran is more difficult compared to the rest of the models because of the 3rd roll seats. They block the rear trims which must be removed for the retrofit. 

The NH boys at work !

Removing the 3rd row seats

Access to the rear side trims is possible now

With the trims removed...the fenders and C-pillars are more visible

Custom harness on the left and original fender harnesses on right

Positioning the DCC Controller 

Adding the custom harness

Right Rear DCC Shock

Left Rear DCC Shock

Front Right DCC Shocks

Front Left DCC Shocks

Front Right Level Sensor...

New Control Switch Assembly with the C/S control 

Toggling between Comfort, Normal & Sports

The preferred Option ! Sports ! 
The customer is totally overwhelmed by the new DCC set up. His first expression after the virgin first drive....." The family gonna love this !